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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: My Ghetto Heroes
Lyrics for Album: Greatest Hitz [2007]

[Master P]

Ha Ha Ha

Most niggas might think I'm crazy when I tell em this

(Yeah G)

But you know what most nigga look up to like Presidents

Niggas thats in sports

All this type of shit as heroes

They might look at motherfuckin Muhammed Ali

Yah know Sugar Ray Leanord, Mike Tyson, but me..

[Master P]

Air Jordan aint no motherfuckin hero G

My heroes is niggas in the ghetto that slang D

That right on chrome and triple gold and pimp hoes

And take any nigga in the click to the Super Bowl

And party like it aint nothin

But most of my homies they done died over drug money

Like Bizzy Bob and Sam Skutty but I still love em

Air full of motherfucker and I still wanna hug em

Big Dave, my nigga gone to the battle field

Dandon and Levi, damn guard ya grill

Cuz where ya goin you gotta watch your back

Judge, god damn another nigga didnt make it back (Mr.C)

My lil brother Kevin Miller rest in peace

Elbraud, Nextditch, and Big Leaf

Lil Girl, and Boo, and Anguard

Big Pepper, God damn what yall thinkin about

They gone, I mean they soldiers

But thets the type of cal i live up and hold to

Like Joe Jackson, Lil Emmo

Randy,Sir Pat, God damn

They got bigger, the list go longer

I could start from New Orleans and go back to California

To lil Tony,to dime P

Seritz,Burnell,can't believe

That he's gone, the Scarface

Dank,Loot,and Meathead

And what about Kenny Sep

And all my niggas that dead and gone that got caught in the rep

And my other heroes still livin

But they locked up behind bars, caught up in some pigeons

Like my lil cousin Jimmy,lil Horgel

Randall,Marlow,Pee Wee damn

Another mission complete

Took off the streets locked up by the police

Meatball, and Nap, La Crowe

Pac, jinte, the gats go pow

But my homies got caught up

Even though they had no way out the ghetto but the come up

Off the streets in the hood money

Thats why my heroes live for drug money

[Chorus x4]

My Ghetto Heroes

I watched em live fast, I watched em die slow

[Skull Duggery]

What you mean I need a hero

A hero is a zero to me

The only hero that I know is them niggas in my hood G

They gave me the game so I enhanced the gat

Than I took the game, and ripped it out the frame

I tried and told ya

A hero can't be ya lucky rabbit's foot or ya 4-leaf clover

It all be a myth in ya mind

A hero aint about shit if they aint about dying

You know who was a hero to me

that nigga MoXs on the Howard J G

[Master P]

And yall other niggas thats still livin

That wanna be a hero but can't be givin

Yo life up for these streets

But this goin out to my homies out there slangin D

That still hustlin in the game tryin to make it

But yall niggas better realize you cant fake it

You either in or out aint no halfway in

Cuz when you die in the end you go to the pen

And its realer than you real niggas feel me

This for my niggas that are heroes in my hood G

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hitz [2007]

Master P
"Greatest Hitz [2007]"

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