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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Why They Wanna Wish Death
Lyrics for Album: Good Side, Bad Side [2004]


Even though we all thugs

Don't judge us by our action, but judge us by our heart

The wicked, spies upon the righteous

God blesses the man, who put his trust in God

He gave his only begotten son

That who ever believe in him, should not parish

But have eternal life, we'll see you thugs at the crossroad

[Chorus - 2x]

Some say, life be short

I think, we was cursed from the start

I'm only trying to play my part

But why they wanna wish death, on me and my niggaz

[Master P]

My nigga stared at me, must be mad at me

I grew up with this nigga, how the fuck he sent the Feds at me

Boz told me, not to fuck with niggaz

But I still threw my bone, cause I grew up with these niggaz

Cuz came home man, he looking good

Fell off, having problems in the hood

Nigga say Chico locked up, and Mussie hit the streets

And I'm still trying to find, the right lawyer for C

And my Uncle died of cancer, Black Jimmy got life

Faldy got shot, hurt Ervin and changed his life

And I done seen so many, white t-shirts with faces

And I done seen so many, ghetto lives get wasted

And it's a shame nigga, it won't change nigga

We all trapped in the hood, in this game nigga

And I'm just trying to raise, Romeo to be a man nigga

And hope me and Silkk, don't have to squeeze these thangs nigga

[Chorus - 2x]

[Master P]

I talked to Daniel, I holla'd at Lee-Lee

Marcus on lock, and told me they just killed Pee-Wee

T-Dub home man, Randall gone man

Kevin Miller, I put him on my arm man

Dansho on the grind, and Millie making moves

Petey and Mo' Smokey, Onkie Dejuan they cool

Some play your kindness for weakness, we call it tipping

Come out the hood on the run, and get caught slipping

Bruce and Bernell, took two to the dome

Bobby and Kirk straight, Red never made it to the phone

Slim got shot, I got a call from the cops

I was dealt a bad hand, when this shit gon stop

I gave Do a record deal, then he got killed

And his sister questioned me, wanna know how I feel

I done made it out the hood, I'm trying to do right

And why would they wanna, wish death on my life

[Chorus - 2x]


They say life ain't fair, but you live it to us all gone

Go through struggles, then you spit it through a hard song

Fake niggaz, trying to follow my every move

Until you load up, and put hollows through every wound

I'm from a place, where it ain't no love

Niggaz'll peel you from the back, so it ain't no hugs

Just a bunch of niggaz, up on they grind

And it ain't too many real niggaz left, so they hard to find

Most likely I don't roll with 'em, if they ain't soldiers

Only real niggaz, can tell you that pain mold you

I got a plan, on the way to get richer

So why they wanna wish death, on me and my niggaz


What's up peace to J-Dubs, nigga L and Mike

Little Chino ain't live long enough, to peddle his bike

It ain't right, but I'm still here holding my head

Got me thinking they still with us, but I'm knowing they dead

They say, life's short gotta hold my steel

Wish that band's playing at home, we in soldier field

I was cursed since my young days, speeding down these one-way's

Streets ain't no football game, we running gun plays

Die for my niggaz, put my hand on a bible

But you cowards start singing, like American Idol

Matic and Fat Man, they suppose to be home

Ten to twenty upstate, a half a year in the hole nigga

[Chorus- 2x]

Album Lyrics: Good Side, Bad Side [2004]

Master P
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