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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: We Like Them Girlz
Lyrics for Album: Good Side, Bad Side [2004]

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Shake it girl, work it girl

Us thugs, we like them girlz

Little mama wit alla that (Heyy)

Let me tell you where the partys at (oohh oohh)

No Limits where the ballas at (over here)

We pop bottles like we quarterbacks

hey girl won't you do that dance

lookin good mami, won't you shake that thing

I like your style and the way you move

you make a thug wanna get wit you

[Silkk] When I come through Dawg you no I'm fly

[Master P] It's about to jump off

[Silkk] when I stop by

[Master P]

we ain't LL but we jus those type of guys

thugs in the club with them bottles in the sky

My wrist sittin on 24 carats

Rookies tuckin in they chains they must be embarassed


I slide through grab a couple of bottles

later on fly threw grab a couple of models

you a balla you outside or in

I pulled up theres more outside then in

niggaz in the parkin lot sparkin blunts

like if you ain't on 20's or above don't park out front

some couple of dudes ran up the street

tried to park and run

get back to the spot

once I get back to the yact

[Master P]

I'm on the dance floor with trina and tasha

I'm a actor so its juice and vodka

tell the waiter more champagne for shorty

we in a V.I.P. and bout to get naughty

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Shake it girl, work it girl

Us thugs, we like them girlz


Call me on a sunday

you no a dawg could roll through

in a black 350z with no roof

excuse me I don't no what they told you

but I'm gettin in for free anywhere that I go to

curren$y the high spitter got hella flows

rock platinum rolls white, yellow gold

got the world in my hand won't let it go

I'm not a lightweight cuz I got heavy dough

young dude ice so chunky

game so smooth thats why they want me

ooh too cool way to flossy

if thats your boo you better get her off me

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Shake it girl, work it girl

Us thugs, we like them girlz

Album Lyrics: Good Side, Bad Side [2004]

Master P
"Good Side, Bad Side [2004]"

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