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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: No More Tears
Lyrics for Album: Ice Cream Man [1996]

-This goes out to my best friend

-My partner

-The only person I can trust in this world

-This for you mom

Momma, this is one thing I still can't realize

How you been so strong when my brother died

You done kept the family together tight

Thinkin about how we gone get throght this sorrow night

This is crazy, I can't sleep nope

Even though i got revenge written across my throat

Five kids and you done lost one

Never had a daddy, but put it on your oldest son

Ain't that a b, leave me to watch the family

To make the bills get paid, you got to live scandalous G

Cause the ghetto got me pressured

Will I die sellin dope, or would I sell a million records

Ohh momma won't you feel me

Even though Ms. ?? said somebody tried to kill P

And you know your boy's sellin dope

But all you say is watch yo back

Cause you don't want to see me go

Chorus: (Repeat 2X)

Momma I don't wanna see you cry

No more tears

Cause I'm deep in the game

Sellin much cocaine

Momma how you be so strong

Even tough the ATF, done kicked down your home

And ran right through and got me

But you still came to see me

And said that you love me

And I know that you real though

Cause when I got out, you's the first one at the door

Knowing that your boy turned into a man

But you done tripped cause I still understand

That I'm trying to make some money

And if I die in this game, I guess that won't be funny

But you still on my side cause you a soldier

You the only friend I got and ma I told ya

One day I'ma change G

Even though the ghetto's crazy, think about your baby

If I make it out this dope game

I know that life won't be the same, momma I gone make a change


Album Lyrics: Ice Cream Man [1996]

Master P
"Ice Cream Man [1996]"

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