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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: The Ghetto Won't Change
Lyrics for Album: Ice Cream Man [1996]

-Some say you can change the ghetto

-But you can't

-I mean you can't change the people in there

if they don't want to change

Imagine this, imagine that

Everything you want in life, you will never get

From the ghetto cause it's crazy

Most niggas want Rolls Royce's but they get daisies

Imagine this, little kids with no shoes on

And every homeless person I see

I'm willing to take them home

But I can't cause my life is pure misery

Every dollar i make, ten go back to Hillary

And Bill, I guess life is real

But I know deep inside I was dealt a bad deal

And life ain't fair

I don't care

Even though I know one day

I'll probably be leaving out of here

But life has no meaning

We was born dreaming

But I was born scheming

Imagine this, David Duke as our President

Imagine ?Nuey Gambles? as his best friend

And Robert Dole would be his best man

But ya'll steady lookin at us for cocaine

I don't own a plane, I don't own a boat

I don't ship no fuckin dope, from coast to coast

Most niggas either locked up or in chains

Black on black crime fool

You know the ghetto will never change


But I'll keep holding on

(But the ghetto won't change)

I'll keep holding on

(These little kids ain't got a chance)

I'll keep holding on

(This world ain't the same)

I'll keep holding on

(That's why the ghetto won't change)

Imagine life without no rain

Imagine everybody that you know has the same name

And we all would be in sin

Imagine bout you, killing your best friend

That's how it is in the ghetto G

Nobody care about you, her, him or me

But they quick to point the finger

But what if the shoe or the ring was on the other finger

And the ghetto was good

And the neighborhoods like the suburbs wasn't all good

That's where the dope would be at

And the people in the ghetto would live fat

But it ain't all good like that

Cause the ghetto is crazy

I mean the people live like rats

Taking from they brothers, they sisters, they cousins

And niggas would kill they own mother

Behind some rock cocaine

But this is some shit that I don't understand

Them bullets ain't got no names, so you better duck

For you be (blew) ridin in that black truck

And when you take that long ride

Leaving the ghetto trying to get that piece of pie

Trying to hustle, trying to make a come up

But in the end you will get done up


Album Lyrics: Ice Cream Man [1996]

Master P
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