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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Return of Da Don
Lyrics for Album: Only God Can Judge Me [1999]

[Silkk does his impersonation of Al Pacino's "Scarface"]

It's oahkay mayn! Yeh it's oahkay (it's oahkay mayn)

They don't wanna see you retire mayn (uh-ahh)

Why dey wanna fuck witchu? Why do they wanna fuck witchu?

We don't bother nobody (nobody mayn)

We don't bother nobody (nobody) unless somebody bother us

They wanna bring it now? (They wanna bring it?)

We can bring it dere mayn (We can do this mayn!)

So fuckin big (so big) so fuckin big

[Master P]

Run Forrest! Ha HAHHH!

I'm right behind you nigga so you can't hide

You done FUCKED UP now!

Shay hello to my little friend! [four rapid fire shots]

[Silkk, punctuated by gunshots]

YO hah YO hah YO hah


Look what y'all made me do nigga, we just tryin to live

Crossed the family one time, and we ain't tryin to forgive

We ain't nuttin but some thug niggaz that's, trapped in crime

And how we end our beef? We click clack them nines

I was taught at the beginning [two shots] taught to win it

[two shots] DON'T FUCK WIT ME MAYN!

[rapid fire] I got a short temper

Niggaz spreadin rumors tappin our phones make a nigga, wanna do bad

? get money stashed, ? on his ass

Foreign cars with at least a hundred on dash

(You thought you'd be paid right?) But not this rich

Thought about a, 4 or 5, then a brother betta, cop me a 6

Now find me in the studio somewhere, droppin hits

Overlookin the product somewhere, choppin bricks

We makin the hood, or we gon' TAKE IT TO THE HOOD

Yeah we gangsters difference between us and y'all


TAKE E'RYTHING DEEP [two shots] go all out [two shots]

{*rapid fire*} Said E'RYTHING - y'all know what we about

[Master P]

If you a soldier, then raise your rags

But if you a hater, you better hide your flags

But if you a soldier, then raise your rags

But if you a hater, you better hide your flags

Now if you a soldier, raise your rags

But if you a hater, you better hide your flags

But if you a soldier, raise your rags

But if you a hater, you better hide your flags

I told y'all the ghetto was a trap, but y'all fools didn't listen

I mean you like to cut class that's why you always missin

Are you broke, are you old, are you rich, are you cold

Are you mad at me cause yo' shit didn't go gold?

Take a slug to the dome nigga [two shots] boo-yaa boo-yaa [two shots]

{*rapid fire*} Cause I squeeze the fuckin trigger, ha hahh!

Now I'm back for revenge nigga, fuck your friends

I got automatic weapons that'll, do you in

Fuck with SILKK, then you fuckin with P

But if you FUCK WITH MY MONEY, then you fuckin with me

See it's real out in the streets and y'all niggaz be fakin

We all about the cheddar y'all bout grits and bacon

I'm bout gettin paid for life, y'all bout livin trife

And that Benz that you lovin, I had it the other night

Ya heard me? {*two shots*} Hoody Hooooo! Two mo' nigga! [two shots]

[rapid fire]

Album Lyrics: Only God Can Judge Me [1999]

Master P
"Only God Can Judge Me [1999]"

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