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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Ain't Nothing Changed
Lyrics for Album: Only God Can Judge Me [1999]


This for the motherfuckin haters, ya heard me?

Who always told me we was never gon' amount to shit

I got somethin for that ass, ya heard me?

Fuck y'all, I'm on my way to the top nigga

[Master P]

Nigga No Limit ain't hard to find, ya heard me?

Ain't nuttin changed but our bank account

Hah hahhhh..

Chorus: D.I.G. (repeat 2X)

This is for them niggaz want war - who underestimated

Never thought that we would make it this far

Yo this is for them thug niggaz

Yo this is for them bud hitters, and them motherfuckin drug dealers

Verse One: D.I.G.

Whassup nigga? How's life been treatin you?

Remember me? I'm the nigga used to hang in your crew

The one you used to hate, used to knock and laugh in my face

And always said in rappin I don't have what it take

But look at me now, puttin the rap game on lock

Yeah nigga it's me, the same nigga off the block

Don't trip, I'm just here to let you know what's goin on

and that life is good for a nigga who started small

But it's funny how I'm lovin the money as it keeps comin

I remember y'all sayin I wasn't gon' amount to nuttin

So stop stuntin, cause I ain't with that huntin and frontin

I'm the same ol' nigga, still thuggin


Verse Two: Master P

How ya like me now thugs I made it out the brick

Member I was broke nigga, picture me rich

Still hangin with my soldiers, still blowin doja

We MADE MEN but still knock some haters off the shoulder

You can +Hate Me Now+ I did a song with Nas

A couple of niggaz came up when I fuckin retired

But I'm back nigga, and you know I'm the best

Cause I can walk through rain and - don't get wet

Y'all phony niggaz try to look like us and try to be me

Nigga talk shit when I ain't around fool HOLLA WHEN YOU SEE ME

Y'all little soldiers just be yourself niggaz, fuck stuntin

If you ain't gotta go get it never put bitches over money


Verse Three: Magic

I told you motherfuckers I was sick of this shit

I'm comin up - I know you bought "Thuggin" bitch

I got a lotta niggaz scared in this game

You got the right to fear me - cause I'm comin for your fame

I used to BEG you niggaz, man give me a verse

Now you got the dick look because the shit done reversed

Now I'm the fuckin star, I know you hear my anger

You don't wanna go to war with this 9th Ward strangler

Motherfuckers left me on the corner for the dead

I wouldn't help you cocksuckers if you gave me some head

What goes around comes around motherfucker

If you want me come and get me FEEL THE WRATH of my blaka blaka


Album Lyrics: Only God Can Judge Me [1999]

Master P
"Only God Can Judge Me [1999]"

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