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Artist/Band: Screeching Weasel
Lyrics for Song: Teenage Freakshow
Lyrics for Album: Thank You Very Little [2000]

Lucky you lucky me

You're a threat to our community

Mom don't like the way

You look you're straight

Out of a comic book

It's a teenage freakshow

Funny hair and acting bored

Don't seem to matter anymore

Everything's already been done

And we don't know what we want

It's a teenage freakshow

Now I can't handle staring

Into space and I can't stand

The stupid look on your face

I can't handle refusing to change

And I can't handle the same

Old same old from you

'Cause I'm sick and tired of you

There ain't nothing to do

It's time for change

We don't know what

We sit around collecting dust

I don't wanna get high

I don't wanna dance but

Everybody's got an answer

Album Lyrics: Thank You Very Little [2000]

Screeching Weasel
"Thank You Very Little [2000]"

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