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Artist/Band: Marillion
Lyrics for Song: Especially True
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Marillion

I gazed upon you from the bleachers

A creature so foreign to me

With the stars and the stripes wrapped around you

Well how could I know there was England below?

I gazed upon you and I wondered

Cheerleader with hair of red flame

But that was first glance - I saw only the dance

And the distance from New York to Yorkshire

Truth's always stranger than fiction

And here it's especially true

Here in the home of Miss USA

What's a wide-eyed English boy going to do?

I never knew much about baseball

But I was quick with the US cliché

The crowd gave a roar and I don't know what for

The Major League rules get me so confused

Truth's always stranger than fiction

The cheerleader showed me around

You with the heart of the USA

And me with the spite of a small English town

Central Park after dark, is safe these days

Depending on the game you play.

America. House of Blues

What do you know?

Gimme the news.

America. Shock and awe.

Not any more.

America I'm ready for you

Tell me what to do

Tell me what to do

Tell me what to do.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Marillion

"Other Songs - Marillion"

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9. Especially True
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24. The Man From The Planet Marzipan
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