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Artist/Band: Marillion
Lyrics for Song: Throw Me Out
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Marillion

In our house

Two's a crowd

You threw me out

Of my own life

You seem want to be a friend

In our house

Two's a crowd

No more trouble

No more strife

You seem to be at your wits end

I tore apart my oldest friend

How my heart jumped

And may head thumped

As this hard earth

Came up and bumped

As I was dumped

And you threw me out

And you threw me out

Stood at the boundary

Without a clue


Losing you.

Testing your patience

Every day

Opening drawers

Getting in the way

And making a mess

While you're trying to clean

I guess that's my function.

Know what I mean.

Throw me out

Don't worry babe

I'm recyclable

I'll biodegrade

I'll biodegrade

I'm recyclable

I'm recyclable

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Marillion

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