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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: Clarisse
Lyrics for Album: Greatest Hits & More [2001]

Clarisse what perfume you wearing today

No don't tell me I know

And the soap that you washed with

Come to me don't feel scared I'm not going to bite

Well maybe just a little maybe just a mite

You know without windows without the wind the rain or snow

I feel somewhat strange but of course all this you know

Tell me about the lambs Clarisse tell me why you're scared

I know when your father died something died in there

To see simplicity in any mortal thing is a gift few men have

What makes a killer a madman it's not disgusting it's sad

I dream of trees now I smell the sea don't you find that fun

You have the pleasures of the flesh Clarisse you can feel the sun

But on the darker side you feel the anger rise

You feel the satisfying hate

And if you had to kill against your strongest will

You wouldn't shoot that bullet late

Please don't judge me so wait just before you go

Come up closer to the cage

Let me taste the smells of your own body cells

You mustn't covert me with rage

I ate to feed I killed in kind you believe me

Don't you hear the echoes in your mind

They say I'm insane don't they but do they really know why

They say I'm nothing but a cannibal can't understand or even try

For in the night when I whisper from my cell

And play my psychiatric game

In the morning when the inmate's dead

They hang a new one to my fame

If I walked the streets a free man

In the heat I couldn't terrify a crowd

But in a silent home where we'd be all alone

You'd need to freshen up a shroud

Please believe I couldn't hurt

You I'd try to make you feel

Welcomed like a friend

I'd have you over for a meal

Then I'd tear at your silken breast

Rip out the heart beating and bloody

Gnaw with lust at your soften neck

Cutting and spitting and cooking you slowly

Feed you up like a blooded boar fruit

In the mouth and garnished with roses

Feel nothing for you anymore deader than hell

A meal for a hungry man

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits & More [2001]

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