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Artist/Band: Belle And Sebastian
Lyrics for Song: Love On The March
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Belle And Sebastian

Animals come, banging their drums

Street clears in summer

kids run around, having their fun

men are already drunk

A religious holiday's begun

maybe it's because we have no sun

Marching begins, animals sing

words that are twisted to

meanings of hate, look at the face

bitter and ready to fight

a religious holiday's begun

maybe it's because we have no sun

Lost in the crowd

shouting loud

Drinking my fill of a bottle of gin

I'll do anything to help me forget about you

You're full of it,

You hopelessly flirt

with that girl who works in the pub for a night

but at closing time

you will be at my door

Tell me what it is I have to do?

I'd sacrifice everything for you.

I was feeling so good and the sun was shining

all I wanted was to get across the street

I made my biggest mistake when I left her with a yelling match

and a broken kettle.

I'm sick of this, you're a little kid

I always have to bail you out

when you take off with your drinking friends

and their idiot games

If you sing the songs you half deserve to take a beat

They beat me up 'cause I crossed the march

they said I need to learn a bit of respect

but I am on their side and I follow the team

when I get out of here

somebody's gonna get it.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian
"Other Songs - Belle And Sebastian"

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19. Love On The March
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