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Artist/Band: Belle And Sebastian
Lyrics for Song: Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Belle And Sebastian

In the board room the quiet man takes a

Second to think what do

He's out of his seat and he's starting to speak

And he hears his own voice

For years and years he's done nothing but bow down andput up with their demands

She sits like a viper and offers the clock

Without giving a damn

He takes it

"Honour forbids me but honour damned

You have whined till you got what you want

I did the work and when thingsd were going badly

You left us to rot"

He locked the door of the boardroom

And turned like the scene from the old country song

Towering over the table he's lost

He is drunk with it all

"You only

Come back to us when we'd turned it around

When we'd rescued your arse from fire

Your contribution to all that we did was to say

it was dire"

"Night after day after night I've been working

Despite of you fucking us all

Now I'm going to die I don't care if you cry

Just please leave me alone

And spare your tears for yourself

We've had those till were sick

You should leave while you still have the chance"

The others were shocked at this shameful disgrace

At the end of an honoured career

He paused in the silence to pull down his tie

And observe the melee

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian
"Other Songs - Belle And Sebastian"

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