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Artist/Band: Ms. Dynamite
Lyrics for Song: Afraid 2 Fly
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Ms. Dynamite

In my heart the sharpest pain, the darkest clouds up in my brain
Anger so immense and rage so deep
Each time he took one away from me

Its only now that I see they were angels 2 good 2 be
here in this hell on earth he set them free
only now i see now im sure
i dont want no more brovas and sisters growin up in this cold
world of war

i aint ready 2 die but i aint afraid 2 fly
and go check my bros and sistas on da other side

everyday they still walk with me
every night they still talk to me
they spirit deep in my soul
they oh so far but closer than close

its only now that i see theres no more tears to shed
i done some crazy shit to ease all the mad confusion
and numbness in my head
only now i see its alright
good hearts dont die they just fly 2 be in peace
beyond the sky

Chorus x2

where theres no evil or greed
no sign of war cos everybodys free
wheres only joyful tears are cried
theres no pain no tears no lies
he'll free your soul free ur mind
when its your time its your time

Chorus x2

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ms. Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite
"Other Songs - Ms. Dynamite"

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2. Afraid 2 Fly
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10. Get Up, Stand Up (Hidden Track)
11. Gotta Let U Know
12. It Takes More
13. It Takes More (Bloodshy Main Mix)
14. It Takes More (Clean Version)
15. It Takes More
16. Kaci Intervention Divine
17. Krazy Krush
18. Natural High
19. Now You Want My Love
20. Put Him Out
21. Seed Will Grow
22. Sick N Tired
23. Sound Of The Underground
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