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Artist/Band: Ms. Dynamite
Lyrics for Song: Any Way U Want It
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Ms. Dynamite

So many girls i know don't wanna let me go
That is the reason why me and u just flow
It's like u make me glow
As soon as i see u child
Yes u drive me wild
With ur ebony smile
U are u are u are something special

Anyway u want it
U know i'll always try
And when u need it
I will provide
U know i love it
Havin u by my side
Let's stay together
Oh Oh,

I never tasted such a sweet kiss and
I never felt so much tenderness and
He got me weak he gone five minutes and i miss him
I'm feelin deep baby sit down and listen
Anytime that u aint here u got me feenin
4 ur love it feels so good its like i'm dreamin
Just ur touch has got my heart screamin
Its crazy baby what u got me feelin



I know somethin i do see
Baby u got that love i need
Ur the only one that can set me free
Boy i'll love u eternally
I don't need nobody baby
I really want u to know i love u crazy
I don't need nothin beside
Havin u in my life


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ms. Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite
"Other Songs - Ms. Dynamite"

1. A Little Deeper
2. Afraid 2 Fly
3. All I Ever
4. Any Way U Want It
5. Booo!
6. Brother
7. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee
8. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee (Album Version)
9. Faith
10. Get Up, Stand Up (Hidden Track)
11. Gotta Let U Know
12. It Takes More
13. It Takes More (Bloodshy Main Mix)
14. It Takes More (Clean Version)
15. It Takes More
16. Kaci Intervention Divine
17. Krazy Krush
18. Natural High
19. Now You Want My Love
20. Put Him Out
21. Seed Will Grow
22. Sick N Tired
23. Sound Of The Underground
24. Too Experienced
25. Vacation
26. Watch Over Them
27. You Want My Love