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Artist/Band: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: King Of Love
Lyrics for Album: time* sex* love* [2001]

He wants to own your heart

He already owns your soul

No matter what you do

He's always in control

And when he calls your name you have to follow

Like moths into a flame, no fear or sorrow will fall upon you

You belong to the King of Love

He wants to know your thoughts

He already knows your mind

No matter where you are

You're someone he'll always find

His very mention brings the slightest shudder

Deep inside you know there is no other as skilled and tender

Just surrender to the King of Love

But when the night falls down, he will not wear a crown

No jewels upon his hands, he is just a man

He wants to rule your world

He already rules your dreams

No matter what you want

He'll never make you Queen

Still when he calls your name you have to answer

And when his music plays you are a dancer for him the only

Never lonely, King of Love

For him the only, never lonely, King of Love

Album Lyrics: time* sex* love* [2001]

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"time* sex* love* [2001]"

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