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Artist/Band: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: Someone Else's Prayer
Lyrics for Album: time* sex* love* [2001]

Tonight the brightest moon in a hundred years

Floods the streets of Rome and I am standing here

Wondering where the ghosts of antiquity

Hide on nights like this once a century

Where do shadows fall when there's only light

Why'd you follow me halfway 'round the world tonight

What I'd give right now not to even care

And then this could be someone else's prayer

And on a sleepless night by St. Stephen's Green

Oh I turned and tossed with my Irish dreams

And when the morning shone through the burned off mist

I could sense you still just as close as this

Just as close as lips brush against a cheek

It's your voice I hear and it's your name I speak

But when I look around there's no one there

How I wish you were someone else's prayer

And now the twilight comes as a silent guest

And of all its gifts I like stillness best

Except for tin roof rains that commence with spring

It's a lullaby when that tin roof sings

Now you can look for me on the streets of Rome

Or in Dublin town but I've gone back home

I would always be just a stranger there

And now you're free to be someone else's prayer

Album Lyrics: time* sex* love* [2001]

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"time* sex* love* [2001]"

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