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Artist/Band: Michael Ball
Lyrics for Song: With One Look
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Michael Ball

With one look I can break your heart

With one look I play every part

I can make your sad heart sing

With one look you'll know all you need to know

With one smile I'm the guy next door

All the love that you've hungered for

When I speak, it's with my soul

I can play any role

No words can tell the stories my eyes tell

Watch me when I frown, you can't write that down

You know I'm right, it's there, black and white

When I look your way, y'all hear what I say

Yes, with one look I put words to shame

Just one look sets the screen aflame

Silent music starts to play

One tear in my eye makes the whole world cry

With one look they'll forgive the past

They'll rejoice, I returned at last

To my people in the dark

Still out there in the dark

Silent music starts to play

With one look you'll know all you need to know

With one look I'll ignite the blaze

I'll return to my glory days

They'll say, "Look, who's back at last"

This time I'm staying, I'm staying for good

And I'll be back where I was born to be

With one look I'll be me

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Michael Ball

Michael Ball
"Other Songs - Michael Ball"

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3. All For Nothing
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9. Don't Rain On My Parade
10. Easy Terms
11. Empty Chairs, Empty Tables
12. Everyday Everynight
13. Fever
14. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)
15. Holland Park
16. Hot Stuff
17. How Can I Be Sure
18. How Deep Is Your Love
19. I Wouldn't Know
20. I'll Be There For You
21. I'm Gonna Be Strong
22. If You Could Read My Mind
23. Immortality
24. In This Life
25. It's Still You
26. Let Me Be Your Wings
27. Let The River Run
28. Lift The Wings
29. Maria
30. Music (Prelude) / The Show Must Go On
31. My Arms Are Strong
32. No More Steps To Climb
33. No One Cries Anymore
34. Oh, What A Circus
35. People Are Strange
36. Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord / Gethsemane (Live At The Royal Albert
37. Secret Of Love
38. Simple Affair Of The Heart
39. Someone Else's Dream
40. Something's Coming
41. Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time)
42. The Phantom Of The Opera
43. The Winner Takes It All
44. Thefirst Man You Remember
45. We Have All The Time In The World
46. What I Did For Love
47. When We Began
48. Wherever You Are
49. Who Needs To Know
50. With One Look
51. You Bring Out The Best In Me
52. You'll Never Walk Alone