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Artist/Band: Pulp
Lyrics for Song: Blue Glow
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Pulp

So late looking up at your window as it bathes me in

your blue midnight glow

I wonder why you're not sleeping and I wonder if you could know

Tonight make it tonight

Tonight make it tonight

Crouched down by a bush at the roadside

I watch as you pass me by

Lost down by the side of the river and no light comes from the empty sky

Tonight make it tonight

Tonight make it tonight

I left home at midnight

Made for the horizon, no sense of direction

I walked on for miles, oh

I hope that I find you

I hide from the headlamps no lights in the window

The whole town is sleeping and somewhere you lie, oh

I wish I could find you

Oh I'm lost by the river

My clothes are in tatters, my face scarred by branches

I'm shivering with cold, no

I don't think I'll find you

Tonight make it tonight

Tonight make it tonight

Won't you make it tonight?

Oh say you'll meet me tonight

Won't you make it tonight?

Say you'll meet me tonight.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Pulp

"Other Songs - Pulp"

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