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Artist/Band: Pulp
Lyrics for Song: P. T. A.
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Pulp

I know I'm getting on / and you're so very young /

but would you like to stay / until next

Saturday / or sunday? / I'll give you your own room

/ it's next door to my room / and some

Time in the night / well, maybe I just might / oh take

your clothes off won't you please?

/ you don't have to talk to me / just leave the light

on so I can see / you've got

Everything I need / oh yeah / you know I can't forget

/ that special night we met / at the

Local p.t.a. / when your mother came to say / that

you'd been taking days off school / i

Turned and looked at you, I said / 'yes,

I understand / I'm gonna take this girl in

Hand.' / oh take your clothes off,

one two three / no you don't have to talk to me /

Just leave the light on so I can see / you've got everything

you need / oh yeah / 'cause

I've never had a woman before / I was too scared to

touch the girls in the poly / and i

Don't know what it's like to be young / 'cause all

my life I've been knocking on forty /

Oh yeah / oh yeah / oh yeah / oh yeah / [jarvis:] so

if I / put my hand / on your bosom...

/ [candida:] yeah? / [jarvis:] .

..would that / give you an orgasm? / no that's not right /

But, but if we / if we kissed with tongues / [candida:]

[giggles] / [jarvis:] won't that /

Wouldn't that make / wouldn't that make you come?

/ oh take your clothes off won't you

Please? / no you don't have to talk to me / just leave

the light on so I can see / you've

Got everything I need / oh oh oh / just one touch was

all it took / no you can't learn it

From a book / let's go upstairs and have a / look /

oh you've got everything I need / oh

Yeah / oh yeah, oh yeah / oh yeah, oh yeah / oh yeah / hit me.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Pulp

"Other Songs - Pulp"

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