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Artist/Band: Ben Lee
Lyrics for Song: Free Diving
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Ben Lee

Hallelujah, Im so anxious

sit and wait on life stained mattress

static,static im ecstatic

im the boss now i wont panic

are you reading are you writing

i was curle cos we were fighting

television, handsome handshake, french hotel room

amal nitrate

happy happy im disgusting

watch out who you put your trust in

build that tension lest you fix it

thats your cue and thats my exit

dont forgive me im not hoping

hes in first no im not joking

truly truly

we see through this

hallelujah, im still clueless

free diving

free diving

ive been doing what i oughtta

turing blue deep under water

dont be humble dont be silent

im freediving i feel violent

free diving

free diving

free diving

free diving

free diving

free diving

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ben Lee

Ben Lee
"Other Songs - Ben Lee"

1. 16
2. Afterhours
3. Bad Radio Voice
4. Be a Kid
5. End Of An Era
6. Float On (Modest Mouse Cover)
7. Free Diving
8. Get Your Sleep
9. Gidget Goes to Rome
10. Hellbent for Heaven
11. I Wish I Was Him
12. In The Desert
13. Just Pretend
14. Music 4 The Young & Foolish
15. My Turntable
16. Naked
17. Open Letter To The Prime Minister (Previously Unreleased)
18. Pointless Beauty
19. Red Slurpee
20. Sally's Orchid
21. Since I Met You
22. The Frail Girl
23. The Reflex
24. The Waiting Game
25. Track 21
26. Weep Woman Weep
27. Winning Your Heart