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Artist/Band: Ben Lee
Lyrics for Song: Sally's Orchid
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Ben Lee

There is an orchid someone gave me

Flat and pressed under the glass

It once was pink and vivid

But today its day has passed

Its brown leaf spread weak and thin

That orchid feels just like my bones and skin

Its heartbeat centre of its soul

Is now just furry shelter to protect it from the cold

Laid out flat for visual effect

Today I feel a lot like that

I put it in its frame eternal joy

And now its just another burned out toy

You should have seen the way

It slowly just decayed

I feel a lot like that orchid today

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ben Lee

Ben Lee
"Other Songs - Ben Lee"

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11. I Wish I Was Him
12. In The Desert
13. Just Pretend
14. Music 4 The Young & Foolish
15. My Turntable
16. Naked
17. Open Letter To The Prime Minister (Previously Unreleased)
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19. Red Slurpee
20. Sally's Orchid
21. Since I Met You
22. The Frail Girl
23. The Reflex
24. The Waiting Game
25. Track 21
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