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Artist/Band: Montell Jordan
Lyrics for Song: I Like
Lyrics for Album: More To Tell [1996]


I like the way you walk

The sexy way you talk

Ooo I can't help myself

Baby I like

I like to kiss your lips

And when you move your hips

Ooo I can't help myself

Baby I like

Baby let me say what's on my mind

Take a little time to express myself

Honey I think you're fly

Now I don't have no problem

Saying what I like

I like to spend some time with you

Starting with tonight and I like

[Repeat 1]

Here's the situation

I lay here on the line

Meaningless relationships be wasting all my time

You are the special someone that I want to get to know

Baby can't you see it in my eye

I wanna take you home


Tonight lets take our time

Do it nice, do it slow

Baby we got nowhere to go

Oh I hope you don' t mind

Oh I'm coming on real strong

I give good lovin all night long

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

Make it hot Montell, make it hot

[Repeat X7]

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

Album Lyrics: More To Tell [1996]

Montell Jordan
"More To Tell [1996]"

1. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
2. Falling
3. I Like
4. Let Me Be The One (Come Runnin')
5. Superlover Man
6. What's On Tonight