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Artist/Band: Montell Jordan
Lyrics for Song: What's On Tonight
Lyrics for Album: More To Tell [1996]

I'm coming over

Coming, coming, listen girl

I'm whispering words over your shoulder

Oooh can't you hear

Before you reply the temperature rise

Then like that you disappear

I never imagined

I'd get so excited

Over a rendezvous

I'll be there in an hour still wet from the shower

I just called to tell you

1 - It's on tonight

The feeling's right

We don't have to go nowhere

Listen girl I'm coming over

Rub your back, massage your shoulders

I just wanna lay it on you

2 - Girl can you tell me what's on tonight

I'm coming to your crib

Have dinner by candlelight

And we gonna watch some TV

We gonna play your CD's

I'm gonna be on you

And you're gonna be on me

Repeat 2

I pray that you're wearing Victoria Secrets

Oh, that blows my mind

Now what should I bring

Strawberries I'm thinking

Or some honey for your toes

I never imagined I get so excited

So aroused by you

So click on the cable

I'll put on a slow jam

Montell is coming

Repeat 1

Don't you try to go no where

I just wanna lay it on you

Repeat 2 until fade

Album Lyrics: More To Tell [1996]

Montell Jordan
"More To Tell [1996]"

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2. Falling
3. I Like
4. Let Me Be The One (Come Runnin')
5. Superlover Man
6. What's On Tonight