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Artist/Band: Kelly Joe Phelps
Lyrics for Song: Circle Wars
Lyrics for Album: Slingshot Professionals [2003]

The sidewalk coughed up weeds and cracks

A book, a magazine and a penny and a dime

Oh, and Carl looked behind him making sure the scene was empty

Breathed a sigh of bewilderment noting that it was

Not that he expected to see Anita coming up

With a brown bull whip or a box of daffodils

Yeah, the night quiet bruised his ears and forced him into alleys

Where the gravel crunch was friendly under polished army heels

Under polished army heels

The steps on St. Andrews seemed the best bet

Catch a little shut eye, Anita could sweat some

Bleed a little inside or find him in the morning

Hunkered down like a derelict with mustard on his chin

Oh, then the concrete froze his ass through the holes in his pants

Winter's not the best time to make a martyr's point

Carl caught the corner where the wind wouldn't get him

And he absentmindedly spun the ring 'round his finger with his thumb

Yeah, with his thumb

Tomcat screams like a baby in the backlot

Just as Carl's dreams kick in tight

The light keeps stuttering hailstones between the boughs of a maple

So many voices in a one man night

And he starts to see the fool behind the windshield

One hand on the steering wheel another in the air

Trying hard to catch the jet stream to make the flying easy

But only grabbing hunger for another man's life

For another man's life

And Anita makes the corner 'cross from Jones wrecking yard

She been walking half the night and oh, her legs are tired

Why, she thinks, does Carl have to take it so hard?

Is it me that makes him lose who he truly think he is?

He's the same damn man he's always been

And I love him like I always did, like always

What on earth will make him feel satisfied?

I love him like I always did, like I always did

Like I always did

She leans against the street light watching him sleep

Watching him turn and turn in a tide pool

And she slowly walks across the steps of St. Andrews

And stands there looking a minute or so longer

Yeah, she tugs on his coat sleeve, "Carl, please let's go"

But she stands, oh, doesn't say a word

And they walk side by side, not touching nor explaining

Just walking home to face down the circle wars

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the circle wars

Album Lyrics: Slingshot Professionals [2003]

Kelly Joe Phelps
"Slingshot Professionals [2003]"

1. Circle Wars
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3. Knock Louder
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5. Slingshot Professionals
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