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Artist/Band: Kelly Joe Phelps
Lyrics for Song: It's James Now
Lyrics for Album: Slingshot Professionals [2003]

Well, Double R.J. is older now, he stays up watching the night snow fall

Black bound book on the table, dusty beside card tricks and games

Yeah, one by one he cuts the names from the back of the daily news

Laying side by side they make quite a company of men

Yeah, and all the things they've done and not done, glaring under the scope

Double R.J.'s mom, she called this morning, all is well back home

"And how are you today, my son", "Fine, ma, I'm fine"

Seventeen pages set in place for a back line of memories

Yeah, the new one's fighting for space and concern

Walter winks across the cue

"My folks are goin' out today, I've got some weed, are you comin'?"

And it's twenty four years later, the movie lot's still intact

Tables buried under truck bones and machine shop tools

Well, Walter hasn't found his way from the park yet to page eighteen

Oh, and all those girls, God, what were their names?

Should've kept their pictures

It's starting to blur on Double R.J., they're rolling into one

Except for Elvin the snake and Indian George

And the guy you couldn't scare

And then first kiss on the playground bought with sister's stolen ring

So the odd discomfort shawl, drapes it across his bony wings

As the loss of honest vision seers, pioneers and double dares

Set your clothes on fire if you ever breathed a word

And Double R.J. falls backwards, he can see further away

And Double R.J. falls backwards, he can see further and further away

Album Lyrics: Slingshot Professionals [2003]

Kelly Joe Phelps
"Slingshot Professionals [2003]"

1. Circle Wars
2. It's James Now
3. Knock Louder
4. Rusting Gate
5. Slingshot Professionals
6. Window Grin