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Artist/Band: The Go-Betweens
Lyrics for Song: Karen
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - The Go-Betweens

I just want some affection I just want some affection

I don't want no hoochie-coochie mama No back door woman

No queen street sex thing I want a tiger on bended

knees With all the kindness of the japanese I just

want some affection Wish I heard voices G A Wish I

was a telephoneEm D Karen yeah yeah Karen yeah yeah

Karen yeah yeah Karen yeah yeah yeah G A Em D + Arpeggio

I said yeah, oh KarenEm D I know this girl,

This very special girl And she works in a library yeah

Standing there, behind the counter Willing to help

With all the problems That I encounter Helps me find

Hemingway Helps me find Genet Helps me find Brecht

Helps me find Chandler Helps me find James Joyce She

always makes the right choice She's no queen She's

no angel Just a peasant from the village She's my god,

she's my god She's my G.O.

D., she's my god, yeah, yeah,

She's my G.O.O.D, yeah She's my god now Oh she's my

god now, yeah Karen yeah yeah Karen yeah yeah Karen

yeah yeah Karen yeah yeah yeah Oh yeah,

oh Karen For this part still Em D but in arpeggio And

she stands there, in the library Like a nun in a church

does... Like a nun in a church does.

.. She stands there all alone.

..Em D 'cos she gives me something that I just can't

get now anywhere else 'cos the girls that I see walking

around Yeah the ones I see walking on the street Are

so damn damn damn damn damn damn cold 'cos they must

have Eskimo blood in their veins And the one that I

want I just can't see I can't see her there I can't

see anywhere All right... Karen yeah yeah Karen yeah

yeah Karen yeah yeah Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens
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