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Artist/Band: The Go-Betweens
Lyrics for Song: Little Joe
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - The Go-Betweens

Everyone knows everybody else

Let's skip introductions

Talk on little Joe

His mother left for me to mind

A 100 a week

A lovely guy of 26

Loves only the lonely

Little Joe

Oh no here he comes

Laughing with an old joke

Don't you cry

Never do a days work

Nothing of value will ever get hurt

Joes no trouble he ran for mayor

The mafia car bombed my car

I said you're not running for mayor

Gave up wishing

Took up hoping

Hoping Joe will settle down

Shoe store

A movie house

Something like

Something like a french comedy

He's patronized by gentle souls

Their best intentions are their own

Don't you cry

Never do a days work

Nothing of value will ever get hurt

I've always been a man of the track

Took Joe down to the track

So here we sit

Joe and I

Joe and I

Little Joe

Don't you cry

Never do a days work

Nothing of value will ever get hurt

The whole world

Lets get our balance in the mid-night air

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens
"Other Songs - The Go-Betweens"

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33. Little Joe
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