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[ More Lone Star Ridaz lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Lone Star Ridaz
Lyrics for Song: Take It Off
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Lone Star Ridaz

"It's about to go down"

Take it off

Take it off

Take it off

Take it off

Take it off (take it off, come on)

Take it off (take it off, girl, take it off)

Take it off (come on)

Take it off (it's about to go down)

Believe me, Crystal and whipped cream, time to feed me

Can I get a dance, table dance, ugh, please me

The sex is off the 'heezee'

Love it when you sleazy

Come on girl, easy

Take if off don't tease me

How do you like it?

Do you get excited?

If I pull it out will you promise not to bite it?

In the champagne room, sittin' in a dark corner

She got her hands in my pants beggin' me to bone her

Hot like fire, yet just sweet as candy

You get me in the mood, boo, in yo thong panties

Nobody, does it like you

You know you look yo best when you dancin' in the nude


Take it off (take it off, come on)

Take it off (take it off, take it off)

Take it off

Take if off (take it off, take it off, take it off, off, off)

Take it off (take if off, come on)

Take it off (take if off girl)

Take it off (come on)

Take it off (take it off, take it off, take it off, take it off)

Everybody want to see, so its time to take it off

Show 'em how these girls be poppin' down here in the south

Got the dollars in they hands, baby what you waitin' for?

Take it off, make the cash while you work it on the floor

Bouncin' to the beat, see'mon gotta make the green

Got these niggas all excited diggin' a hole in they jeans

But she a freak in disguise, you can see it in her eyes

Baby spread 'em and display, what's in between them thighs

All these guys, they want to get her

But she goin' for the one wit the biggest figures

Now let me see, to the VIP, wit a bottle Don P

Seductively, takin' all his currency


"It's about to go down"

I love to break a bitch

That's the way I live my life

Stayin' major in the mix in the dark of the night

Conversation, man, it's a hell of a thing

Have the realest bitches doin' all kinds of things

Gettin' freaky on the stage, suckin' dick in the car

Makin' cash sellin' ass, turn a hoe to a star

This is a playa situation, just like sellin' them keys

'Cause baby girl keep it hot, come on nigga don't please

I keep the hottest hoes fuckin' wit no clothes on

And when my team wrecks the spot you better hold on

Makin' money stayin' big, things are always on

A Lone Star Ridin' pimpaholic wit my hoes strong


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lone Star Ridaz

Lone Star Ridaz
"Other Songs - Lone Star Ridaz"

1. Take It Off
2. Wanna Be A G