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Artist/Band: Lone Star Ridaz
Lyrics for Song: Wanna Be A G
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Lone Star Ridaz


What's up gangsta?

What's up maan?

I've been lookin' for you maan


So you want to be a G?

I want to be a G

So you want to be a G?

I want to be a G

So you want to be a G ?

I want to be a G

I want to be like you

He want to be like me

[Verse 1}

I want to be like you Sheed getting' respect on the block

Packin' a teq and a glock

Fat pockets you got your game on lock

But yet I still see you bowin' your head

Askin' for forgiveness under the street light

Yeah right Shorty

My life style still wrong

It ain't easy standin' strong

Won't be long 'till I'm gone

Every cop in the city got me in they picture frame

Plus different gangs with bullets that got my name

So what then if they come I got something for them

I got your back

We can go to war right now with 'em

And I'll floor 'em

Pour them bloodclots

Dead soldiers for O.G.

If these bullets come flyin'

I'm in front of you dyin'

You got heart huh?

What's this on your chest?

You for real ain't you Shorty

Where you get this bulletproof vest?

You a mess but I like you a lot

Let's split them from this spot

Them bullets is hot when the enemy came for the shot

[Chorus repeat 2x]

Say Shorty you ever fell a bullet up in your chest?

Or seen what a hallowpoint bullet can do

It's a damn mess

It's messed up when you have to resort to violence

That's why real bad boys gotta move in silence

Comprenda I understand you tellin' me avoid any trouble whenever I can

That a make me a better man

Be quick to listen and slow to speak

Watch everything and my game will be at peak

And don't trust a freak

You catch on fast you got the heart of a G

And as much as I hate to tell you

You kind of reminder of me

Look out Shorty

What one time commin' up the block

I can't let them see my face

Put away the rocks and the glocks

Say no more

"What's the problem officer?"

"Now none of ya move come here sir let me talk to ya"

Yeah right

Say Shorty I gotta break

I ain't stayin' here either

Well yo lets shake this crooked jake

[Chorus repeat 2x]

[Verse 3]

Damn O.G. you sure run fast for your age

That came from doin' push ups and workin' out when I was in the cage

Say Shorty let's chill for a while

I got a little something in my pockets that will make you smile

I hope it's hydro

If not I got some formaldehyde

What Shorty?

They put it in people after they died

I'm already fried still pass me that dro

And let me taste this stuff and see what you be trippin' fo'

Smooth with great taste

Shhhh say O.G. you here some bass

Damn that's them busters from the otherside

Watch out Shorty

They pullin' gats out they ride

BOOM BOOM oh man I think I'm hit

Me too Shorty

Better get out of here quick

I can't everything is goin' black O.G.

I think I'm dyin too Shorty you wanted to be like me?

[Chorus repeat 2x]

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lone Star Ridaz

Lone Star Ridaz
"Other Songs - Lone Star Ridaz"

1. Take It Off
2. Wanna Be A G