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Artist/Band: Lemar
Lyrics for Song: Call Me Daddy
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Lemar

Reminising about the day she first saw me u were
Got to ring you to I lie
It would have been a great November
It was like our love had been reborn yeah
Can't explain the happiness in her voice that day
It made everything make sense
Even though I never knew your name
Now on every night I dry my weeping eyes

Don't think time could ever heal this pain, no
Sometimes I feel like I'm the one to blame
I can't believe

I can't believe you've gone away
Life will never be the same
And ill meet u on the other side
And if I see you will u
Call me daddy
I can't believe you've gone away
Wish that I could see your face
And ill meet u on the other side
And if I see you will u
Call me daddy

Every single day was filled with oh so many choices
Wish it was a boy or girl
Someone who would change the world
Used to say that you wud grow to be my baby boo
She already had it all planned
You wud be a perfect match
Raised with a loving hand
I will never know u or hold u within these arms

Sometimes she thinks that she's the one to blame, no
Can someone tell me how to stop her pain?


If you were here right now life would not be complicated
I'd give my heart and soul just to see you grow
And your mama she would smile again
All the sleepless nights would end
Maybe we could laugh again
Lord knows I'm missing u


Call me daddy [x2]

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lemar

"Other Songs - Lemar"

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2. Call Me Daddy
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