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Artist/Band: Lemar
Lyrics for Song: Time to Grow
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Lemar

Last night i tried but i couldn't sleep
Thoughts of you were in my head
I was lonely and i needed you next to me
Life is harder since you left
I never meant to do you wrong
And now all is said and done
I hope you won't be gone too long/ No

Where do i go
What do i do
I can't deny i still feel something
And girl, i wish you could say you feel the same
You've broken the bond
I gotta move on
But how do i end this lonely feeling?
You've gone, I'm here, alone
I guess it's time to grow

I try to speak, but my words never catch the air
Like you never knew i was there
Take me back to the days when you really cared
Can we make love re-appear?
I can't go on the roads too long
And now all is said and done
I can't go forward if my heart's still where i'm coming from


Crying time is over
I know i can't control her feelings
If she won't return, then i guess i'll be a man
and move on

Time to grow / And move on
Make life better than it was before
Time to grow and move on
Make love better than i did before (repeat)

Though you've gone / And i'm here, alone
I guess it's time to grow

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lemar

"Other Songs - Lemar"

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