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Alter Bridge
Album Lyrics: AB III.5 [2011]

Alter Bridge
"AB III.5 [2011]"

1. Slip To The Void playlist
2. Isolation playlist
3. Ghost Of Days Gone By playlist
4. All Hope Is Gone playlist
5. Still Remains playlist
6. Make It Right playlist
7. Wonderful Life playlist
8. I Know It Hurts playlist
9. Show Me A Sign playlist
10. Fallout playlist
11. Breathe Again playlist
12. Coeur d'Alene playlist
13. Life Must Go On playlist
14. Words Darker Than Their Wings playlist
15. Zero playlist
16. Home playlist
17. Never Born To Follow playlist

Album Lyrics: Live From Amsterdam [2011]

Alter Bridge
"Live From Amsterdam [2011]"

1. Ties That Bind playlist
2. Come To Life playlist
3. Brand New Start playlist
4. Buried Alive playlist
5. Coming Home playlist
6. Before Tomorrow Comes playlist
7. Rise Today playlist
8. Blackbird playlist
9. Watch Over You playlist
10. White Knuckles playlist
11. Find The Real playlist
12. Metalingus playlist
13. One Day Remains playlist
14. In Loving Memory playlist
15. Open Your Eyes playlist
16. Broken Wings playlist
17. New Way To Live playlist
18. Travelling Riverside Blues (live) playlist

Album Lyrics: Blackbird [2007]

Alter Bridge
"Blackbird [2007]"

1. One By One playlist
2. Break Me Down playlist
3. Wayward One playlist

Album Lyrics: One Day Remains [2004]

Alter Bridge
"One Day Remains [2004]"

1. Burn It Down playlist
2. Down To My Last playlist
3. Watch Your Words playlist
4. The End Is Here playlist

Album Lyrics: Fantastic 4 - The Album [2005]

Alter Bridge
"Fantastic 4 - The Album [2005]"

1. Shed My Skin playlist