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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Safe Sex
Lyrics for Album: Get Away Clean [1991]

This is a public service annoucement for safe sex

Safe sex is what I kick

Cause you never know when you'll meet a freaky chick

Just Put a condom on your dick some like to suck ohh Fuck!

I like it like dat but I want one lubricated the one like

Jimmy had it's so cool that's no doubt she wants to take a

? she gonna have to turn it purple like the inside out.

I don't play when it comes to my D-I-C-K

I don't give a fuck

When it comes to a virgin i wear a wet suit anyway

Because ya never can tell bitches take baths in glow rocks

so they pussy won't smell but it won't work

I never play the part of a motherfuckin jerk if I don't love her

I wear a rubber

I keep a Jimmy in my pocket I (I got mine)

I keep a Jimmy in my pocket I (I got mine)

Safe Sex!

Album Lyrics: Get Away Clean [1991]

Master P
"Get Away Clean [1991]"

1. Saxophone
2. Rollin' The Dice
3. Pervin'
4. Getaway Clean
5. Safe Sex
6. Dana You Can Bang Her
7. Richtown
8. Jack Of The Jackers
9. Time 2 Chill
10. What's Up With That
11. Bitches And Money