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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Jack Of The Jackers
Lyrics for Album: Get Away Clean [1991]

I caught you slipping so I took you with a gank move

listen up rap world its a new fool

a new gangsta, gangbanger, slanger, dope dealer

murdering motherfucker, headbanger

so listen to the tunes I tune up

its 91 Master P soon to come up

bodies and large lessons talk

you step to the P you come up short

the no limit mafia is out robbing

jack your beats, stealing and start siding

and you cant say shit, I bet you didnt

know your beak ill sound like this

and watch the ladies move

but the fellows ill laugh

cause they know you got took foo

haha another jack move

cause im the jack of the jackers

cause im the jack of the jackers

cause im the jack of the jackers

cause im the jack of the jackers

I kill for a gangsta beat, and ill snatch ya

to show my simply put a note in your casket

you just got dead by the jack of the jackers

in other words punk, huh, you aint a factor

the world is mines so I took it like scarface

you see a beat I ask for a funky 808

your style is out, its trying for a new trenz

you say real niggaz now were the fuck you been

you see real niggaz just dont sing

were im from we like to gangbang

ski-masks, catch a sucker just creeping

take a joury yo and leave ya sleeping

play ya like a fucking simp

fuck ya bitch and beat your kids with a tree limp

you see thats the life of crime

in other words you make yours

I like to take mine

*Repeat Chorus til end*

Album Lyrics: Get Away Clean [1991]

Master P
"Get Away Clean [1991]"

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