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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Bitches And Money
Lyrics for Album: Get Away Clean [1991]

[Sonya C]

This is station KMLN

And we're sitting here with rap star Master P

Leader of The Real Untouchables

Master P, where are you from?

[Master P]

The ghetto

[Sonya C]

Now that you are living in Beverly Hills

Has anything changed?

[Master P]

Well...not really

[Sonya C]

Master P, would you like to say anything to the people

Who think that you couldn't make it?

[Master P]

Yeah, fuck em'

[Sonya C]

So Master P, what's life to you?

[Master P]

Life to me ain't nothing but bitches and money

[Master P and DJ scratching]


Life...ain't...nothing...but...b-bitch...bitches and money


Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money (Bitches and money)

Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money (Bitches and money)

[Verse 1]

It all started way back in the day

When this bitch named Brenda used to give a nigga hay

So just listen to the words I say

And if you a man you've experienced foul play

You know the hoes, the ones that act funny

That don't say shit till ya whip out some money

Then a bitch start jockin'

Next thing ya know ya at the hotel rockin'

I can't have a bitch cause we didn't have no money you was a trip

So you makin' that mail, it's kind of risky

You thinkin' fuck she thinkin' rags to the riches

So this the shit you gotta beat

Meet a freak before ya fall for another man's freal

But if ya laugh, ain't a damn thing funny

Cause ya like P, life ain't nothin' but bitches and money


[Verse 2]

I'm the K-I-N-G, don't avenge me

Don't think cause I'm stingy

I want cash, I don't flash

Ask my bitch, fuck the dash

Rollin' in the street in a fresh ass Rolls

Checkin' out the bitches and the funky hoes

Ooh who is this behind the tinted glass

A bitch named Gina wanna give me some ass

Well next week call the honey

Cause life ain't nothin' but bitches and money


[Verse 3]

My Vette, clean as shit

I see some hoes lookin' they wanna ride in it

Bitches think a nigga can tap for some ass

Open like a fuckin' convertible runs off of gas

So open on up and start pumpin'

Cause that don't be workin' hoes get something for nothin'

Man life ain't nothin' but bitches and money


[Verse 4]

I love money...and bitches too

The ones as sweet as honey

But when she fucks up, she's gotta go

Don't let her stay but the cash flow

I could give a damn about a stupid ho

Bitch ya can't make me rich this I know

This is behind me

I need big dollars and fuckin' thick bitch behind me

And I'ma get them to thinkin' hope

But I ain't fuckin' with em' if they broke

Cause money attracts money

And when ya ain't got none all ya days are funny

Just like my boys said

When ya got a pocket full of money

Everything is funny

Ain't that the truth Ruth

With a pocket full of dough fuck a bitch, hella fun

And afterwards she will cease

All I care about is bitches and money


[Verse 5]

I think it's all types of games bein' played

But to a bitch these days the looks ain't shit

Unless these niggas pay

Look here bro' ya gotta suffer

Cause a motherfucker with trues and Vogues got all the hoes

Don't even cuss, she think a nigga is hustle

The more ya make the more she take

Bring her to dinner think of desert

Come up with an empty plate

This to them young hoes

There's money, meals, and haves

This another way ya feel up Mike and Thomas and rock Ruth

So don't take it personal hoes just keep runnin'

And to the fellas out there, you know how it goes

Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money

Album Lyrics: Get Away Clean [1991]

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