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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Stop Hatin
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto D [1997]


Look at all these haters surrounding me every day

hatin on a baller but they can't stop my pay

stop all the hatin I can't take it no more

Im just tryin to get mine you best get yours so what you hatin for

Verse 1: Master P

Pop the lock on the benz with the keys

To high to see his own enemies

his baby mama with him in a short skirt

his last ride was in a car, i mean a black hearse

his friend took his life for the mighty dollar

then ran through the alley must have been a coward

No more hit 'em up like in the old days

homies scrab with Mack 10s and AKs

that's why I roll by myself I mean I'm a loner

cause haters be all up on me

tryin to sniff you out for your cheddar and your cheese

and the same niggas wanna blow on your weed

set you up for a caper

dont wanna see you make no money then take ya

gotta figure out how to get what you got

cause haters be the same niggas on the spot


Verse 2: Master P

How do hatin get started?

It started by the jealous people

and they get mad over the things you have

and the things they'll never have

Tell me if you hustle it really aint hard to get

You can get yours I got mine so stay out my mix

I heard you spreading rumors

Im really not impressed

I tell you only one time

with my scrilla fool dont mess

Verse 3: Fiend

I only get with a few cause these bitch made niggas is actors

see I dont had to many gun-ins, run-ins with these ass backwards


I'm strapped like P

or C

they ask for me

capture me

but im going out with a blast

I put that on some cash

I'm standing last

for some ass

yall young crazed punks are trippin

dont hate me nigga just go ahead and credit my ??

I'm admitting

that I'm not only on the thwat

but I know i got stopped

on tha ??

and its understood that I'm not

one of the best niggas that ever lived

but I got some advice to give

and that is


Verse 4: Silkk

I wonder why they hatin for? Probably cause we got G's,

mad cause we makin moves, cause we got keys

But really I cant fade them

Cause truly you need haters up on you to know you'se a motherfuckin playa

I know yall gonna kill me in a matter of lies

I got friend that will turn to enemies in a matter of time

I know most of my niggas can feel me

when I say TRU niggas will never try to kill me

But keep my eyes up on my enemies I gotta watch my friends

like when I'm sittin on top or ridin in a benz

Why dont yall go out yall's ass up and get something

dont worry about how i got mines

always tryin to point a finger and say thats not mine.

and kill me

it kills me

its digusting cause I got a few G's

they try to rob me

but they know they wont touch me

smile in your face and talk shit behind your back

but I just cant call it or catch

but i still got G's and Im still ballin

Chorus till fade

(Master P)

wassup Big Brandon and Big Timer

Wassup Underwood California we cant lose

wassup to all my boys in Richmond

all my boys in the Caliope

all my boys locked down in jail

this Master P No Limit Records

(Wassup Big Boz)


(Wassup Mean Green)

We Cant Be Stopped

I mean you player haters cant stop real TRU playas

even though you still hate you cant stop playas

(Beats by the Pound)

Wassup to all the players out there in New Orleansas

(Wassup to my little brother Silkk)

Texas (C Murder)

Atlanta (Wassup Fiend)

Chicago (Wassup Mystikal fool know you bout to drop real soon)

Cleveland, Kentucky, Alabama

(Wassup to Big Mama Mia X)

all them playas out there

California (Mr. Serv On)

East Coast (Sonya C)

Mid West, Down South

and anybody I forgot if you a real playa you'll understand

(Wassup Foxy Brown)

Yeah we did that Party don't stop

ah ha

Playas lookin up baby

Album Lyrics: Ghetto D [1997]

Master P
"Ghetto D [1997]"

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