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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Only Time Will Tell
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto D [1997]

[Master P]

(Only time will tell nigga

when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)(4X)

When i die nigga don't wanna go to hell though

I been out here hustling trying to get dough

Got da game in my vein won't change

little homies on the street know my name

its the M-A-S to tha R-P

A young nigga tryin live in these ghetto streets

would I die, would I roll, would i retire young,

would a nigga get paid be the out come

its strictly for the G's so a nigga ball

thankin mama goddamn don't let your baby fall

i'm out here tryin to make me a little change

stuck in this muthafuckin dope game

would i lose tryin to keep my fuckin shoes

would a young nigga see P on the news

I done seen rappers get their fuckin cap peeled

say its mafia damn what a bad deal

so the game get hectic so i wanna cheat

grab my gat kill off my enemies

I'd do fair time nigga but fuck that

I'd rather sleep, split a wig with my crome gat

cuz I ain't goin less I take two niggas wit me

niggas want P they better come and get me

I ain't hard to find it ain't a rhyme

its gonna either be your soul or mine

(Only time will tell nigga

when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)(4X)

Niggas Die to make covers of magazines

I'd rather be unknown then dead and famous with green

The black hearse roll through da ghetto streets

I made the sign of da cross, glad it ain't me

Not fearing death, just not ready yet

two stones to my brother, may his soul rest

retaliation is a must fool (huh)

some niggas don't play by no fucking rules

in this game get so deep so we gotta ride

Mama don't trip, don't even cry

when its my time to go then I gotta leave

but while I'm here I'm gonna drink henicy and smoke weed

is there a heaven for a gansta niggas callin

trying figure out if they up there ballin

My young niggas getting paid left da earth

goddamn six feet now he's in da dirt

church bells rangin hoes sangin

my nigga's up there for gang bangin

slangin dope, pushin cocalies

got me stressin down on my knees

its a risky life wit a fast pace

but where soliders go when they get took away

(Only time will tell nigga

when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)(4X)

[Sons of Funk]

I seen angels crying so many soldiers dying

Tell me when will it end will I get to heaven

will I see my friends or will i go to hell

only time will tell


Head first in this world with my eyes impeel

unaware that these niggaz on tha streets is real

will i survive or will the cold streets shake me

will them niggas break me before the lord take me out

this son of a bitch I never want it never asked to come

trapped in a double face not a place to run

get the gun and buck it let'em know I ain't the one to fuck wit

I stuck with this rough shit

screaming tell god to make space them niggas killed my ace

and now they tryin make waste of my face

but I'm strapped up and only fifteen full of hatred

i couldn't be the next rapper faced with waste

cemetary gates all black suits and limos

family tears and flowers no more shows and videos

after parties hoes come to a cease

young thug caught one slug rest in peace


(Only time will tell nigga

when we die go to heaven or hell nigga)

Album Lyrics: Ghetto D [1997]

Master P
"Ghetto D [1997]"

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