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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: After Dollars No Cents
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto D [1997]

Master P

Come 1 Come All, TRU niggaz ball (I told ya),

I know there's niggaz out there wait'n fo' tha fall


After Dollars, No Cents.

From Shabz 2 Benz,

From Cheddar 2 Cheeze,

Tryna Pay Tha Rent.


I'm a hustla, balla, nigga gee'z, cut keyz, gats for enemies,

freeze, hund reds of greens. Kill, robbery soldiaz

born 2 ride, killaz born 2 die, mommaz born 2 cry.

Wild like tha lone fuck'n ranger, niggaz from tha South

keep 1 up in tha chamber. Lord knows when ya enemy is

quick, that's why niggaz watch'n niggaz back, cuz they

gone off that pila shit. Cane, niggaz game, heroin in

tha vain, fuck'n with there brains. Who tha next nigga

ta get popped by a cop? Who tha next in tha hood 2

get shot? I hope it ain't me, so I'm strapped with a bulletproof.

Nigga on my stomach see muthafuck'n TRU.

Soldia till I die, fuck it I won't cry, look my enemy in

tha eye. Fuuck every nigga that ain't real, cuz we bout it,

& if I have to die cuz a nigga gon' shout it! I was born

a No Limit Soldia from heart. Cowards run they mouth, but

killaz don't talk.

Chorus (x2)

You no Kris, I'm Kros, y'all ran, we walked.

No Limit niggaz got Ghetto Dope by pounds & balls.

Blow'n tapes up in flames, like weed. Got boxed

albums up like keyz from tha South 2 Overseaz.

Nigga, Independent & Rowdy, niggaz check billboard,

number 1 & Bout It. That's why niggaz tryna get us

on tha radio, now niggaz might see tha P on tha

video, but a niggaz still TRU 2 tha gizame. Represent

tha hood, & every fuck'n nigga that gang-bang. These

streets iz so real, fool guard ya grill. Smoke 1 fo'

tha homies that have made it over tha hill, cuz we...

Chorus (x2)


After dollarz, no cents. We represent'n No Limit, put

it down rolex, presidential. Nigga ride everythang I done

sent u. Nigga, I went from riches 2 riches, not muthafuck'n

rags to riches, cuz I've always had money, plus I've always

had bitches. Young muthafuckaz tryna get Mojo, nigga act

like ya muthafuckaz know, cuz I pull a high solo. Hit em

fo' they gee'z low, lay low, crow. Get a bien 2 go. Why

ain't you ever know, don't crush dimes, & mo mo's. Nigga

runnin' from tha po-po's, high from a low low, take a

trip together to tha ocapulka. But show those, put ya

breasts right up under my polo's, nigga strapped with a 44'

& I'm solo. To try test'n tha best nut & that's a no no.

365 days, 24-7, I'm bout my richez, see money is a must,

everything is a plus, including weed & bitchez.

It went from $18.5 a key, not $18.5 fo' me see'n P ta

do a show, act like y'all know. Ghetto millionaire, ship

& guard tha dope.

Master P

You know me, we have Silkk & P, ugggggggghhh!!!

Album Lyrics: Ghetto D [1997]

Master P
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