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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: I Don't Give Ah What
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Postage [2000]

[Intro- Master P]

Oh yeah, I done delivered the mail, all platinum

Ghetto Postage wody

And I can't do nothing for the 2 G'z but make every ghetto bounce

Turn it up, what what what



Wooday, I don't give a fuck no mo'

Wooday, ima bout to slang this dope

Woody, from the north to the south we go

Woody, from the east to da west we roll

[Verse 1]

Now when I do this thang ima do it wild

And I ain't Rakim but I can move da crowd

And when I'm having sex, I make stomachs growl

Now how long can I go, about a couple of miles

Screaming all night long, saying bomb bomb bomb

Saying go big daddy, wont you take me home

Now if this ain't love, lets go to the motel

And if you feeling kinda freaky lets do it on the way there

I like to bark with women, like I'm Bow Wow

And I keep my nine cocked, goes pow pow

Ima souljah, I thought I told ya

You find me sippin' on the 40's or blowing on the dolja

Find me at a party with a pool of bitches

I'm the ghetto Bill Gates, went from rags to riches

Call me ???????? , still throw them thangs

nigga I'm flexing in a Rolls, but still flossin' my chain

It's Nolimit til' the day that I die

Screaming C-P-3 thats the way I ride

All my uptown warriors, where y'all at

Cause we never leave the house with out our gat

ya heard me!!!

[Chorus1- x2]


Uh no stoppin' no stoppin'

i'm from the south where them girls be boppin'

Take off your braw hoe show them tits,

And wobble that thang like the Baddest bitch

[Verse 2]

See I'm a killer, and I don't give a fuck no mo'

It's 2 G'z, I had to fuckin' change my flow

Money, I already got the doe

nigga platinum, three million went out the door

nigga ball, I balled in the NBA

nigga hustle, I hustled from the south to the Bay

That nigga C-E-O, y'all fill in the blank

Who I'm with, I'm with the motherfuckin' tank

[Chorus1- x2]


Album Lyrics: Ghetto Postage [2000]

Master P
"Ghetto Postage [2000]"

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2. Doo Rags
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4. Poppin' Them Collars
5. I Don't Give Ah What
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7. Life I Live
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9. My Babooski
10. Still Ballin'
11. Soulja Boo
12. Hush
13. Roll How We Roll
14. Would You
15. It Don't Get No Better
16. Always Come Back To You