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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Twerk That Thang
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Postage [2000]

shake it from the south from the north to the east

twerk it to the west from club to the street


shake that thang

twerk that thang

wobble that thang , would it bounce would it shwang

shake what your momma gave ya

you look good thats why they hate ya

(master P)

you found a bitch wit ????

with that ass G shaking

put that hump in your back

and you n your girl trade places

drop it like its hot

shake it to they pop

in the back of the club

from the bottom to the top

???????? see im ready for that

bend over touch your toes

let that monkey out the dress

no panties , no thong

i mite take ya home

we could do rite and we could do wrong

like thug girl dat mite get down

you gotta couple ????? we might do a couple rounds

them girls be actin bad

on the dance floor shacking ass (huh)

in the club whodi gettin the cash (what)

balling them goochies and No Limit bag (huh)

(chorus) 2x

(Master P)

big bodys on chrome

tattoos on my arm

my boonapliss at the tele

my bobuski at home

ima bout to act a donkey

i like the chocolate like brown

but the trunk actin donkey

quick qurves like a coke bottle

i mean dick like a stallion

but treated like a supermodel

make the waiter drop the dranks

make crippeled old man take walks to the banks

shake it in the morning shake it in the evening

ill play georges she can play weesy

ride it like a bike

twerk it all night

grab the wall im from the left to the right

(chorus) 2x


Album Lyrics: Ghetto Postage [2000]

Master P
"Ghetto Postage [2000]"

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