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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Always Come Back To You
Lyrics for Album: Ghetto Postage [2000]


I'll always come back to you

I'll always come back to you

I'll always come back to you

I'll always come back to you

Lil whodi lost his life this ghetto shit got em

Some friends knocked on his door but we don't really know who shot em

I lost a homie and a brother in the same week

And momma got bags under her eyes she gets no sleep

And these chickens love to flip flop

I seen a hardest thug lose his life in the hood behind some zip locks

I wrote Kevin on the wall but never moved on

Girls screamin at the funeral cuz you was smooth homes

Me and you and jimmy we used to ride together

We all family lil one we supposed to die together

But you had to go first (first)

I mean the first to make it out the ghetto but you left in a hearse

Now the preacher sayin life goes on after the rain

After the pain but it aint the same

I remember we used to ball together

Me and you homie hustlin project halls together

Whodi we all stood tall together

Silkk C and me got you on our arms forever


We popped dollars together

Counted dollars together

We was on a roll doin shows nigga

We was always together

I lost so many peers

Shared so many tears

It's a trip to see so many rappers get killed

And uh its' a mystery on Tupac

Biggie Smalls changed his life and the next day he got shot

Easy E died of aids

And its so many unknown rappers lyin in graves

To the media you aint shit till you die

You make the cover of every magazine when you take that final ride

Big Pun went triple platinum when his heart stopped

On the radio and video stations nonstop

Who wanna be next

While you a dead superstar the record company still cashin checks

Pour some liquor for the homies that done moved on

And light your lighters for the soldiers cuz they never gone


Album Lyrics: Ghetto Postage [2000]

Master P
"Ghetto Postage [2000]"

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