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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Ooh Shit
Lyrics for Album: Mama's Bad Boy [1992]

[Master P]

It was a late friday night and a chill was at the club

I was kind typsy from smokin that bud

Walked to the bar seen this bitch fine & Tender

The b*tch at the counter aske a nigga couldnt remember

looked in her face a perfect redbone

took her to the hotel till the chill yo was on

she started rubin & massagin my chest

she said why you were a bullet proof vest

I sai bitch cause im to deep up in this

but just handle your buissness

she reached for my dick like a dipstick

and grabbed my nuts and started to kiss

I rubbed my fingers against her face

before we did it popped in the Marvin Gaye tape

[Marvin Gaye]

Theres nothing wrong with me fuckin you

[Master P]

but back to the story all right

I guess its time to fuck cause off went the lights

bitch was kinda hot

didnt have a rubber but a nigga still hit that cock

side to side back to front she put wip cream on my dick & swalloed the cum

I flipped the bitch over one more time

but the bitch was to kinky to be mine

I looked at my watch said ohh shit

I got a concert to do bitch

she said I guess its time to go, would I ever see you again?

I said probably so

but I didnt know it would be that soon

cause after the concert a nigga dick turn blue

and when I see her Im gonna kill that bitch damn

she did do suckin to my dick


Ohh Shit, bitch what did you do to my dick x4

Chill man pull this motherfucker I gotta take a piss damn

Ohh Ohh bitch Ohh im gonna kill that bitch god my dick burnin

Chill man bring me to the motherfuckin hospital

Album Lyrics: Mama's Bad Boy [1992]

Master P
"Mama's Bad Boy [1992]"

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