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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Watch Your Ass
Lyrics for Album: Mama's Bad Boy [1992]

[Master P talking]

G man, why don't you go on, pass the dank

Let's take a lil' break ya know whatb I'm sayin'

Before we finish this album up

And let's get fucked up, ya know what I'm sayin'

Pass it man, pass the dank sssssss

Damn, this motherfuckin' green, this shit'stank man

Yo, who that is right there man (That's that rich kid)

That's Rich Kid, what's up dog (What up P man, ya know)

What's happenin' (What's up, pass the dank man let cha' boy hit a lil')

Sssss, (So what's up P, what chu' been up to man)

Ya know the same ol' shit, tryin' to get this rap shit off the ground

Know what I'm sayin' (Ah man you know ya boy been comin' up)

(Man why don't chu' let ya boy kick a lil' something)

Go ahead Rich, go ahead a kick a lil' freestyle (Yeah)

[Rich Kid]

38th is the spot where I'm rippin' the top

In my 68 Stang I got the bitches off

With the clean purple back and the real gold plates

And a case I'm sittin' on triple gold Daytons

With a peanut butter top, my shit straight dropped

I'm north bound, on my way to the day spot

Richmond, California is the city I'm from

And everybody in my hood of course they pack guns

If a sucker talk shit I fill his ass with lead

With a chopper in my hand, watch the bloodshed

Have ya layin' in a coffin with the quickness

If you think a folk then handle ya business

But just remember that you can be handled

With a shot from my gauge ya whole body dismantled

To be fit to survive man ya gotta be real

Have the mind of a gangsta, no hesitation to kill

If ya hesistate yo you might get smoked

Ya got one in the chamber just let the punk choke

Off this red hot piece of lead

Start spittin' off from the mouth now ya know he's dead

Said my rules to survive so make sure ya get with it

Cause life of a gangsta is survival of the fittest

[Master P talking]

Yeah Rich man that's cool but pass the dank man

(Yeah man, here ya go man, ya know) Yeah, yeah, yeah

Swwwww [* Coughs *] Whoa, pass it (Oh shit)

Hold a kid, cut the music off

[* Music stops *]

[* Different beat starts *]

[Master P]

Life in the ghetto is serious, mysterious it may seem

Peep out the window I see nothin' but dope fiends

They want them double ups, twenties and tens and chromes

Before I finish let me tell ya where I'm comin' from

A smoked out, loced out hood

Way back in the ghetto back in the days

I used to slang and game to get hoes

50 would sneak up, creep up dressed up as decoys

I keep em' trippin' cause I never serve them dope boys

I see so many crack babies and laid bitches

Out by the bus stop hounded for a nigga's riches

I just fuck em' then duck em' and then break away

Because a broke ho is out to fade you anyway

She never had nothin' and probably never will

Watch ya back for dope fiends they known to kill

But that's the life in the ghetto so think fast

Ya better look behind ya back and watch ya ass

[Hook x2]

See dope fiends, they get me for crack

5-0 they want to beat me with a baseball bat, watch your ass

All these crazy hoes havin' babies for the welfare

Homicide, murderers killin' people everywhere, watch your ass

[Master P]

There was a day my nigga Mokey did a homicide

They be smokin' crack but they will never realize

My neighborhood is like a jungle cause it's kill or be killed

Pull out the chopper motherfucker watch the blood spill

Now I'm a villain, deep in the dope game

Can't find a job so a brother sellin' cocaine

It's kind of strange, got me scared but I'm never slippin'

My next door neighbor od'd the bitch is always trippin'

In the park, the park they shot the lil' kid

Them motherfuckers low down, damn how could ya do it nig

So the life in the ghetto is kind of vile

But move ya bitch down cause bitches they go a hundred miles

[Hook x2]

Watch your ass (x5)

[* Master P talking with hook in background *]

[Hook x2

Album Lyrics: Mama's Bad Boy [1992]

Master P
"Mama's Bad Boy [1992]"

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