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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Trust No Body
Lyrics for Album: Mama's Bad Boy [1992]


Its kinda funny niggaz running up

trying to show me much love

cause a motherfucker just dropped an album

now they wanna kiss ass

but hold up bitch all your getting is a luck pass

trying to gank me for my ducket

I tried to put you down with the SKI & CMT you said fuck it

only came around when things was kinda cool

but did you really think I'd go out like a fucking fool

oh hell no, I kept my shit tight

now the Ski & CMT is sitting on something right

your like a gold digging bitch from the neighborhood

thats why I slide on your ass cause it makes me feel good

all this shit you talk when im not around

get your crown on nigga but you still aint down

I got something for ya'll

a nin-millimeter that will drop you to the floor bitch

cause if I trust ya for a minute

you would have had a motherfucking knife in my back then bent it

I gotta get ya first

cause a nigga like ? is the nigga that will fuck you the worst

punk ass nigga kinda jocking now

you ain't down cause I trust nobody

[Chorus/Master P]

I trust nobody x2

[Master P]

one by one in this century

brothers are dying getting killed

and sent to penitentary's

and your right hand man could have been a snitch

you think like a hoe you go out just like a bitch

so face 'em to the facts bro'

and end up dead like this other nigga I used to know

I guess its kinda sad G

but it really didn't face me til the funeral car passed me

and what about them tagalongs

them mother mother fuckers that are driving with the lights on

could have been the killers

but nobody really cares he died on dope dealers

but that dont mean shit, cause a nigga like me pack a 9 and 3 clips

and I dont trust a soul from them nigga by my house

to them niggaz down by the store

when niggaz say they like me

thats the same motherfuckers in the game that tried to shice me

mama say boy you have no friends, ha

I should have listened then

dour niggaz rolled up with the ski-masks

pointed the tech-nine out the window but they didn't blast

when niggaz said freeze P

I thought to myself, huh, this nigga knows me

but I didn't find it funny

pulled out my motherfucking 9 when they asked me for my fucking money

but he didn't even shoot

he must have didn't have no bullets in the gun no time to think

Im steady pullin' I blast for the driver to the passenger

four niggaz dead in the car I laugh at ya

now I gotta see, pull of the ski mask of this nigga that was calling me

I guess Its kinda sad, a tear rolled down my eye cause I knew his ass

his name was little Peewe

thats the same motherfucking nigga I was trying to help G

good thing I thinked fast, cause if I think a nigga gonna do me

Im gonna do his ass, cause a bitch will get you killed

niggaz like to steal, and aint no thing is a good dope deal

so I live just like John Montgotti, ha

I Trust Nobody


[Master P]

yeah you know what im saying this goes out to all my niggaz out there

in the game you know what im saying

you gotta keep your eyes open you know, a lot of niggaz try to get

niggaz, and the same nigga that you rolling with could be the nigga

trying to get you, so a nigga like me you know what im saying

I trust nobody I hope you nigga catch on to what im saying

Peace. Im outtie.

Album Lyrics: Mama's Bad Boy [1992]

Master P
"Mama's Bad Boy [1992]"

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