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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: Buried Alive
Lyrics for Album: Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]

I'm alive but dead, awake but asleep

As friend gather round and mourners they weep

My mind thinks of all the things I have done

My body is cold but my heart beat goes on

And on................and on

As they lower me down into that hole in the ground

I scream out for help but they hear not a sound

I fear at the lid, my fingers they bleed

Is this happening to me or is it just a dream

Summon the dead..........

Baphomets call...........

Blood on my hands........

"Let me out of here"

My bones are decayed, my flesh it doth rot

I'm lying in silk, take the lid off this box

My lungs gasp for air, my eyes scream for sight

I promise the rise of my body this night

Summon the dead..........

Baphomets call...........

Blood on my hands........

Screaming in torment.....

I'm felling you all......

Take heed of my plea.....

Answer my call...........

I'm gonna be free........

Album Lyrics: Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]

"Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]"

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