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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: School Daze
Lyrics for Album: Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]

Remeber me, I was your teacher's pet at school

You taught me everything and how we broke the rules

Well now I'm back to show you everything I've learned

You play with fire you know you're getting burned

Pre-chorus: Get on down, teacher, teacher get on down

Come on, get on down, teacher , teacher get on down

She's got a fire raging in between her thighs

I got a hose to put it out, try this for size

Well, teacher swallowed every inch of floppy love

Guess this is what they mean by "fits like a glove"

Repeat pre-chorus

Chorus: Skool Daze, teacher taught me everything

Skool Daze, one and one is two

Skool Daze, when I heard the school bell ring

Skool Daze, there's nothin she won't do

She sees how hard it gets when she lifts up her dress

She licks her lips and says now put it to the test

She goes down faster than a sinking ship at sea

I don't need rescue because she's going down on me

Repeat Pre- chorus and Chorus

You got me poisoned teacher, beging me for more

Up goes her skirt again, it's harder than before

Wrap those legs around me teacher, what else can I do?

I got this feeling....... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Repeat Chorus

Album Lyrics: Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]

"Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]"

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