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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: Possessed
Lyrics for Album: Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]

Look at my eyes and you will see

Fire is burning inside of me

Fire it burns

Fire it burns

Look at the children

Look at my eyes

Look at me Satans child

Born of evil thus defiled

Brought to life through Satanic birth

Raised in Hell to live on Earth

Come look at me and I'll show you

Things that will open your eyes

Come listen to me and I'll tell you

Things that will sicken your mind

We drink the vomit of the priests

Make love with the dying whore

We suck the blood of the beast

And hold the key to deaths door

Through many a tormented night prevail

Thy excorsions can but fail

Though crucifix doth durn my flesh

I shall not yield to you unless I die!

I am possessed by all that is evil

The death of your God I demand!

I spit at the virgin you worship

And sit at my lord Satan's left hand

I care not for the priests who are crying

I answer to Baphomet's call

A cry for help from the dying

Means nothing to me at all

I am decreed by lord Satan's fine evil

To destroy what all mortals love most

Satan is my master incarnate

Hail praise to my unholy host

Look at my eyes!

Album Lyrics: Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]

"Best Of-Witching Hour [2003]"

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