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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: Cry Wolf
Lyrics for Album: MMV [2005]

Placed in the wilderness, naked and cold

The night draws the warmth from my flesh

Howls in the distance

The wolves they catch my scent

They yearn for my blood warm and fresh

But I....

Cannot run, I cannot hide

I'm moments old, yet terrified

Snarling breath is on my face

I am damned in this place

Morning breaks the evening darkness

Daylight sings so loud

Father holds my in his arms

And laughs for he is proud

'All is well' my mother cries

A kiss for me her child

But at night my heart turns black

And calls me to the wild

In the night where the wolf-bane grows

In the night when the full moon glows

Cry wolf...

Alone in your room

By the light of the moon

Your glory is shining so bright

You prey for the day

Oh show me the way

The devil takes over tonight

It's too late, night is here

The time that you dread

The time when you loose all control

Your bodies in pain

You cry in vein

Satan takes over your soul

Cry wolf...

Even a man who's pure of heart

He says his prayers by night

Bane from a wolf when the wolf bane grows

And the moon's full and bright

I cannot resist their call

It strengthens as I age

To the pack to join the feast

And fear immortal rage

Never can I live the life

Of every normal child

Forver I must answer

To the call of the wild

The call of the wild

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