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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: The Chanting Of The Priests
Lyrics for Album: MMV [2005]

Watch out -

There's a cry from Atlantis

Takes the wind by surprise

Voices so demanding

Thunder swarms the skies

To the north of horizon

Over mountains at east

There's a call to the lost ones

From the elders deceased

We're chanting - They're chanting

It's in a tear - Outside a prayer

Without form it's haunting the air

It's in a kiss - within a bite

It brings the darkness into light

The chanting of the priests

The chanting of the priests

Watch out -

It's a song for Olympus

Cracks the morpheus dream

It oozes the ozone

Heavenly screaems

By the golden waterfall

Through the fog on the ice

There's a voice in the shell call

It's demanding precise

We're chanting - They're chanting

The chanting of the priests

Yells ascend into the sleeping

Screech the hawk relpies

Shudders pound the marching hearts

In reborn synchronize

Held in force the feeding prism

Triangle diaboli

Catalogues the souls inside

The city in the sea

Watch Out -

Where there's life without presence

There's a voice without sound

Deep inside you can't feel it

Yet it's all around

Through the eye of the pharoah

To the tombs in the sand

There's a force in the distance

Calls you to the sacred land

The chanting of the priests

Album Lyrics: MMV [2005]

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